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We are searching for motivated PhD students/post-docs with strong quantitative​ skills to join the lab. Experience in programming, computer science, and/or statistics is a prerequisite. Projects are available across the spectrum of statistical, population, and medical genetics. Day-to-day work ranges between hands-on medical data analysis and probabilistic modeling, and could fit students with diverse backgrounds and interests.

Lab members will benefit from working in an extremely fast-paced and exciting scientific field. Some proposed projects have immediate medical consequences, and some provide an opportunity for sophisticated basic research in probability and statistics. Successful research accomplishments are also a platform for careers in the rapidly-growing fields of data sciences, health analytics, and precision medicine.

Required skills:

  • Programming experience: one or (preferably) more of Linux (shell scripting), Python, C++/Java, R.
  • Strong quantitative skills, in particular in probabilistic modeling and statistics, and experience in data analysis.
  • Preferred: experience in genomics and bioinformatics.

A HUJI/Hadassah data scientist position – predicting disease progression and treatment outcome in age-related macular degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of blindness worldwide, affecting millions of individuals. We were recently awarded a grant to detect factors predictive of disease progression and response to treatment. The data to be collected and analyzed will cover thousands of patients at an unprecedented depth, and will include complete electronic medical records and genetic, proteomic, and imaging data. The ultimate outcome of the project is to develop predictive models for disease and treatment outcomes.

The project is a collaborative effort between The Hebrew University, Hadassah, the Technion, and Meuchedet. We are seeking a data scientist who will lead all aspects of data analysis. The position is open to students/post-docs or non-students, but MSc or PhD in a relevant field is required.

The work will be supervised jointly with Hadassah physicians. The position is also open to candidates with strong data science experience but without background in the biomedical sciences. The compensation is expected to be generous, and the position has a potential to develop into an independent, tenured academic position at Hadassah.

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