About the lab

The lab is located at the Braun School of Public Health of the Faculty of Medicine, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Research interests

We develop methods and theory in statistical and population genetics, with applications to medicine, biology, and history, in particular in the context of the Jewish population. Current research is focused on the following areas.

  • Medical genetics
    • Genome-wide association studies of various phenotypes
    • Carrier screening in Ashkenazi Jews
    • Methods for pre-implantation genetic testing
    • Polygenic risk prediction and its limitations
  • Population genetics
    • Haplotype sharing under sex-biased demography and consanguinity
    • Inferring the ancestry and past demographic events of modern and ancient populations
    • Applications to Ashkenazi Jews and other Israeli populations
    • Genealogies and models of recombination
A word cloud made out of my research statement

A word cloud made out of the lab’s research plan