About the lab

The lab is located at the Braun School of Public Health of the Faculty of Medicine, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Research interests

Research in the lab involves developing methods and theory in statistical and population genetics, with applications to medicine, biology, and history, in particular in the context of the Jewish population. Current research is focused on the following projects.

  • Ashkenazi Jewish genetics
    • Sequencing Ashkenazi genomes for disease mapping, clinical genetics, and carrier screening
    • Reconstructing demographic events in Ashkenazi history
    • Association studies of various phenotypes
  • Haplotype sharing in founder populations
    • Theory for the number and length of shared segments
    • Methods for reconstructing the demography of modern and ancient populations
    • Applications for low-coverage sequencing, in particular in reproductive genetics
  • Theoretical population genetics and applications
    • Modeling ancestry in admixed populations
    • Estimating the time of origin of recent mutations
    • Modeling the effect of recombination parameters on patterns of genetic variation
    • Approximations of the coalescent with recombination
A word cloud made out of my research statement

A word cloud made out of the lab’s research plan